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Discover the

Difference with Total Feed and Alfahay products

Love your horse totally with Total Equine Feeds and Alfahay, probiotic alfalfa in a bag. 

Reposo Farm also features horse educational events, training, travel layovers, medical layovers, and boarding, in a safe professional environment. 

Welcome To Reposo Farm & Feeds, LLC

Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to visit our website and our facility in beautiful Folsom, Louisiana. We are always strive to provide the best horse and livestock products and services. 

We Are Registered Dealers for Total Feeds, Alfahay alfalfa & America's Choice shavings.

Total Feeds is dedicated to providing the highest quality animal feed products for a wide range of animal species. Dr. R. Harry Anderson's 50 years of experience formulating animal rations, and his endless search for the best ingredients have gone into every formula we make. The focus has always been on optimum health and performance through excellent nutrition. As a Total Feed Dealer, we provide specialized feeds and supplements for your Equine, Bull, Goat, & Dog.  Horses of any discipline will experience an appreciable difference in muscle tone, coat, disposition and endurance on Total Equine. 

Alfahay   is a premium Non-GMO Alfalfa which offers a guaranteed level of nutrition. It is ideal for all classes of horse, cattle, pigs, deer, sheep, birds, and other exotic animals. After being cut and packed with its natural moisture, it undergoes a fermentation process to produce beneficial yeasts and bacteria. 

America's Choice Shavings This super-absorbent, small-sized flake is ideal for stall maintenance and results in less wasted bedding due to the smaller, uniform-sized flake. It’s dust-free and easy to clean up, saving time and money.

Contact Us For Questions And Inquiries

We will be glad to answer any questions about feeds, events or boarding.

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